Inspired by

Jeff Foster, Fred Davis, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramesh Balsekar, Eckhart Tolle and many more.

Being/presence/awareness: " your own presence. Neither doing nor undoing. Nothing to change or to fix or to heal. Nowhere to go, nowhere to leave. Nothing to become, or unbecome. Beyond need, beyond desire, beyond fear. Not waiting, not needing next nor past. Not supported by any concept, not affected by any concept. Pure awareness. - Mooji

In fact, in a recent satsang I shared a story with my students about how Awakeness slipped into misidentification and was blind to it by way of present presidential politics. This happened even though “I knew” better. The one who thinks it knows something is always ego. 

I, in fact, belong to a small club of similar units whose shared animating presence knows only that it knows nothing. Knowing you know nothing is a big leg up in both life and spirituality. Really.

Socrates said it, I’m just repeating it. So go blame him if you have trouble digesting or accepting this. Fredness is very big at accepting credit for lovely things, but not so quick to accept responsibility for anything that sucks. Sound familiar? - Fred Davis     BALSEKAR         PARSONS  FOSTER  CAIRNS  LIQUORMAN  FOSTER (addiction of me)  FOSTER (nothing is wrong with you)  FOSTER (relationship)

But then again ~ our best friend may very well just be silence.