& 'We The People'

And what you say in reaction to the CEO:
- The negative environmental effects are well-known for years now, also by the governments. But changes are slow ... And lobbies strong ! (Cash Investigations in february 16 on chemicals used in France). So the real changes have to come from the consumers. But the consumers are a bit lost in the middle of all these beautiful green labels. Green marketing is also strong ! The consumers really need help to make the right choice. There is a big job to do to create a powerful, trustworthy and international green label which can make emerge a true green lobbying.
- It is up to US. Buy bio; WE can make it change.
- SO TRUE!!!! La voix de la raison!!
Are you able to make a change?
Let's face the root of chaos and suffering.
The truth of who you are does not need an answer. 
You are not your mind. Awaken to reality. Be... OK with what is.